Thursday, 19 April 2018

Top 6 Exotic Hardwood Floors

Hardwood flooring are trendy and sophisticated. They add drama and charm to any residence. But not all of hardwood floors are the same. There are particular forests that are truly exotic and not located in each home. Wondering what they are? Keep reading to learn more about the best six exotic hardwood flooring.


This is a reddish brown wood from Malaysia and Indonesia that becomes dark when stained. Although Kempas is reduced on the drama, it makes for good, hard flooring that is durable. It's more reasonably priced than other exotics but darkens when subjected to sunlight.


The wood, named after the famed striped creature, may have its stripes faded with protracted exposure to sunlight.

Brazilian Cherry

This used to be a household favorite back in the day when costs were sky high. Found in Brazil, Mexico, and Peru, Brazilian Cherry (also known as jatoba) is not anymore as popular as it once was, which has led to a significant drop in costs. This good, dark-hued flooring provides an old world charm to every home.

Sapele Mahogany

When you want your floors to be lush and wavy, Sapele Mahogany is your hardwood to pick. Found in Africa, Sapele is beautiful, durable, and frequently employed as an alternate to genuine mahogany. Widely available and large in need, sapele mahogany includes a uniform texture and organic luster and is reasonably resistant to decay.

Brazilian Walnut

Rightly called ironwood, Brazilian walnut is one of the toughest hardwood floors and frequently used for making exterior decks. Not a lot can fit the durability of Brazilian walnut. It's scratch and decay resistant, looks refined and luxurious, and lasts for years. Brazilian Walnut additionally stains nicely and is sawed easily.

Australian Cypress

This hardwood floor is perfect for replicating the cabin or cottage look. Australian Cypress has a rustic appearance that makes a home look warm and cozy. Australian Cypress has character, and its natural resistance to termites makes it a highly desirable choice for flooring and furniture.

Exotic forests are often characterized by their hardness, vibrant colour, and higher pricing. Your home is a reflection of your own personality.