Thursday, 27 May 2021


There's nothing as lovely as polished, new hardwood flooring. With children, guests, pets, rain, snow, spills, higher heels, etc., how can you guarantee your hardwood flooring do not wind up looking dull and scraped? The hardwood flooring experts at Croydon Floor Sanding Have accumulated several secrets over the years which we'd love to discuss with you. Incorporate the majority of these in your daily life and your flooring ought to look good regardless of what sort of mad life you lead.

Take Off Shoes

You don't necessarily have to make your visitors do so, but if you can at least instill this on your family members, you may avoid a lot of tear and wear. Let's face it, who's usually running around your house? -- you and your family members. And when your children take off their shoes when they come indoors, their friends will follow suit.

Trim Pet Claws

So, obviously, you can not make Fido eliminate his shoes if he is not wearing any. His claws, but are something you can control. Ensure his toenails are kept trim to prevent them from scratching the floor.

Use Throw Rugs

Strategically put throw rugs at doors and in heavy traffic areas can considerably reduce grit and dirt that gets monitored inside by shoes. Grit is a hardwood floor's worst enemy because if it's left on the floor, every single time someone steps inside, your flooring suffers minor scratches. These small scratches will add up and eventually make your flooring boring. Ensure that your rugs don't have rubber backing.

Stinks Frequently

Since dirt and grit are the worst offenders when it comes to scratching, coming fairly frequently (every couple of times ) will really prevent any potentially scratchy items from building up. Keep a small sweeper or hand vacuum in a handy place so this will not become a burdensome task.

Position Sterile

There are usually places that tend to get dirtier faster. The ground in the front of a doorway or in a foyer or the area in the front of the sink or stove tend to get cluttered quickly. Food, drips, footprints and much more build up here because these regions are high-traffic and get used so often. Only a damp cloth can eliminate most visible dirt or tacky food, that can keep it from gathering dust and becoming more obvious.

Clean Wet Spills Instantly

Immediately wipe up any spills to prevent water damage and staining to the wood or finish. Use a soft, dry cloth to soak up liquids.


Taking off your shoes is a good first step in addition to throw rugs in entryways. Additionally pad the foot of heavy or frequently moved furniture (kitchen chairs, barstools, etc.) with felt pads. Don't forget to alter these pads whenever they look dirty because they'll pick up grit too over time. Never scoot a piece of furniture into position. Await somebody else to assist you lift and set it where it goes.

Climate Control

Wood is a really porous material and it reacts to moisture amounts. In winter, your home gets very dry and this absence of moisture may cause wood planks to shrink creating unsightly gaps between boards. In severe situations, the wood can divide. A humidifier will rectify this circumstance. In the summertime, the opposite is true. Your home can include too much humidity causing the boards to absorb cup and moisture (the edges rise higher than the heart ). It's very important to control humidity levels and it's ideal to keep your house between 35% to 55 percent humidity.


If your flooring suffers a catastrophic accident, the fantastic thing is that if it's been severely damaged in 1 place, it is possible to get rid of the damaged planks and replace them instead of residing together with the harm or replacing the whole floor. This is only one of the benefits of a hardwood floor rather than something you can count on from non-hardwood flooring. The hardwood flooring experts at Croydon Floor Sanding can fix your flooring, match the colour, and make it appear like brand new.

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Wednesday, 14 April 2021


For top dollar when selling you home, you will not only wish to make sure your house is clean and in good shape, but you should also make sure it's up-to-date. One of the simplest and most cost-effective ways to incorporate style and modern detailing into your home is using quality hardwood floors.

Gone are the days where installing hardwood has been a costly and timely exercise. Instead, with newer installment methods and higher-quality substances replacing the flooring throughout your entire home will just take a few days. Hardwood floors would be the ideal modern attribute to improve your home with the massive selection of colors, styles, and variants out there. Additionally, their own well-renown durability will stand out to prospective buyers and immensely increase your home's resale value.

When looking to update your home's decor to more easily sell your home, hardwood floors are the best solution, and this is the reason:

1.They add value to the home.

When buyers find hardwood flooring in the house, they immediately feel the house was upgraded. Hardwood flooring is superbly timeless and has a elegant and expensive feel.

2.Design sells.

Hardwood flooring can directly enhance the overall style of your home when moving. For a formal look, dark hardwood flooring add the elegance that the home demands; to get a more coastal texture, rustic hardwood fits the beachy feel flawlessly. Hardwood flooring allows prospective buyers to visualise their design in your house, which is exactly what you need when selling.


If you use a respectable flooring business to provide and set up your floorboards, you can expect them readily to last around ten years. Scratches may be polished or sanded out with a weekend job to make your floors look brand new again. They're also significantly less difficult to clean and maintain than carpet and other forms of floors.

If you are planning on selling your home and are trying to update your house for a profitable sale, installing hardwood floors is the easiest and most effective styling tool to attract buyers. Not only will they look stunning in your home, but they will also add value in a number of different ways come sale time, but especially to your pocket.

For the Maximum quality hardwood floors and setup, look no farther than Croydon Floor Sanding. Whether or not you want to update one room or your entire house, give our floors experts a call for a consultation today!

Monday, 22 March 2021

Types Of Aged Oak Flooring

Aged oak flooring is a hardwood flooring option that's currently extremely common. Gone are the times when clean, crisp and new-looking are the desirable choices. Today, anything which looks like it can have a history, have a story to tell or might have endured a long and hectic lifestyle is best. Because of this demand, some very sophisticated and persuasive methods of ageing (or distressing as it's sometimes called) all types of clothes, furnishings and floors have been developed. Broadly , the more convincing the ageing process, the more desirable this product.

Ageing bamboo floors can be achieved using many distinct techniques, but most frequently, the outdated effect on new oak is created either by hand or by machine. As you can imagine, any ageing which is carried out by hand, because of the labour intensive nature of the process, tends to increase the purchase price of the end product. What is more, a number of those machine ageing or distressing processes are now so persuasive that most people struggle to tell the difference between the true thing. An artificially aged floor will often have pretty much the exact same appearance as a floor which has had several years of wear and tear.

Essentially maturing an bamboo flooring entails causing damage to the surface of the ground to make it seem like it has been through the same trials and tribulations an old flooring has. Hand ageing is done by striking the timber together with chains, hammers, scrapers and essentially anything which will cause the surface to become uneven, irregular and worn looking. More common however, is system aged bamboo floor.

Tumbling is one of the most successful and commonly used methods of ageing oak employing a machine. Tumbling involves placing the oak planks into a large drum which is kitted out using sharp objects to damage the wood as it tumbles. The tumbling treatment results in a really persuasive obsolete effect because it damages not only the surfaces of these planks, but the borders as well, which adds to the general effect.

Regardless of which ageing procedure is chosen, the final result is going to be a brand new wooden floor which looks. That said, the real jewel in the crown of the aging process is how the wood is coloured after it's been distressed or obsolete.

Normally, liquid aging agents are used to bring a grey or dark brownish tone into the new floor with the goal of providing it that obviously"older" look. Fuming or smoking is also often used and has the benefit of colouring the timber through to its core. Thereafter, to make patchy or random looks, coloured stains and oils can be applied to the wood create a really persuasive, outdated appearance.