Friday, 22 February 2019

5 Benefits of Oil Finished Engineered Wood Flooring

Commercial companies want flooring that's both beautiful and durable. They want something that will stand up to the high amount of usage which will not require a lot of upkeep.

Engineered wood flooring is an perfect alternative for companies that want a beautiful, yet hard, floor. Engineered wood is more durable than standard wood, as it comes in many different finishes. Oil finished is a popular option for clients that want a timber floor with a natural, aged appearance.

To determine whether a petroleum finished engineered wood floor will work for your client, you will need to ask them a few questions:

  • What kind of foot traffic do you generally have on a daily basis
  • What sort of work is done on the floor itself, like the use of equipment or machines that may stress the ground?
  • Can you have clients coming in and out frequently
  • What type of cleaning and maintenance program do you have in place?
  • Do you want to change the entire look of the floor?
  • What are the odds of accidents or spills happening on the ground, such as a store that's constantly working together with liquid items that can stain or harm the flooring ?
Asking these questions can help determine which floor will work best for your customer. In many instances, an oil finished engineered wood floor can be an extremely appealing and functional choice.

More Flexibility in Overcoming Damage

One benefit for commercial customers is that an oil finished floor is extremely easy to fix if damage occurs.

Even though it may not be as durable as cement, if the petroleum finished floor is scratched, it's very simple to repair and refinish. This is a massive advantage to people in fast-paced, active businesses such as restaurants or hotels.
The simplicity of fixing the flooring through sanding and sanding makes it appealing to those who deal with a lot of foot traffic on a daily basis. It gives clients peace of mind that they will not need to undertake a massive job just to fix several scratches or dings.

Natural Appearance

Natural hardwood flooring are increasing in popularity and show no signs of slowing down. When your customer desires a natural look to their wood floors, oil finished is the perfect thing to do.

This type of finish gives your customer a gorgeous, natural wood appearance without a lot of hassle or upkeep. Despite being an engineered product, an oil finished wood floor will look exactly like a standard wood floor.

Clients needing a rustic, distressed or weathered look to their space will find oil finished to be a cool option which comes with less upkeep.

 Low Sheen vs. High Sheen
Another benefit your customer will receive is the very low sheen that this finish gives off.

A few finishes, such as urethane finishing, can give very a high-sheen, shiny look to the floor. Unless the client specifically asks for this type of look, a low-gloss flooring is usually the best choice.

Why? Low gloss floors have a tendency to hide scratches, scuffs and dirt around the ground's surface. The glossier the ground, the more obvious any debris and blemishes will be.

 Environmentally Conscious

Eco-conscious clients may desire or even demand a floor that's proper for green building designs. Oil finished engineered wood flooring are a safe option for these kinds of projects.

The oils used to seal the floors have no volatile organic compounds (VOCs). This implies they promote a safer and healthier indoor environment for building occupants. They are also safer for the environment and won't off-gas dangerous fumes.

Oil finished flooring are a terrific benefit to business owners that are conscious of the impact on the environment but also require a floor that meets the high standards of contemporary architecture.

Lower Cost of Application
Clients will probably have a budget to get their flooring, and typically, the more affordable the floor, the greater. Oil finished engineered wood flooring is more cost-effective, both in terms of upfront costs and long-term care.

Oil finished engineered wood tends to be more affordable than other finishes. When it comes to upkeep and keeping it looking fresh, it is quite easy to care for. With regular cleaning utilizing the correct type of soap and water, these floors can look newly completed for a long time to come.