Wednesday, 23 October 2019

Wood Flooring Finishes Explained

The finish of the wood flooring which you pick is very important. It can mean the difference between your flooring looking and feeling natural, glossy or even distressed. A wood flooring finish can also marginally change the texture of the surface of the floor.

All hardwood flooring must have a finish added to your surface. This is to safeguard the hardwood from damage and supply additional layers of strength. Most hardwood flooring is already pre-finished. This means that the floor has already had the end added during the manufacture process. As an alternative, you could decide on an unfinished floor. You'll be getting the raw timber and has to apply a coating complete after it has been installed.

Here are a Few of the different flooring finishes available:

Natural Oiled Wood Flooring

Hardwood flooring using an oiled finish means that the natural elegance of these species of timber has been adequately protected using layers of air-dried matt oil. This maintains the character and attractiveness of the wood.This floor is ready to be utilized once the installation process is complete.

UV Oiled Wood Flooring

A UV oiled finish signifies that the oil was treated with a ultra violet light. Thus, more oil can be used, making it a stronger surface finish than natural oil. The charm and character of the wood and grain pattern is maintained, and it may be utilized as soon as it's been installed.

Brushed and Oiled Wood Flooring

A brushed and Engineered hardwood floor is as soon as the surface of the flooring has been gently brushed. This exposes the organic qualities and allure of this wood without causing any damage. The planks of floors are then protected with a matt oil. This flooring is prepared to be used once the installation process is complete.

Lacquered Wood Flooring

A wooden floor with a lacquered finish can be found with a matt finish or a satin matt finish. The lacquer adds additional protection and strength to the hardwood whilst maintaining its natural character and allure. This floor is ready to be utilized once the setup procedure is complete.

Hand Scraped Wood Flooring

With a hand scraped wooden floor, the surface of the hardwood was scraped, by hand, to add extra definition and uniqueness. The surface of the flooring planks are then protected with layers of a matt lacquer. This flooring is ready to be used when the installation process is complete.

Distressed Wood Flooring

A distressed wooden floor has been intentionally aged by giving it a worn and distressed appearance. To try it, slight imperfections are added to the surface of the ground to enhance its appeal and allure. The floor is then protected with layers of oil.This floor is ready to be used when the installation procedure is complete.

Unfinished Wood Flooring

An unfinished hardwood flooring is your raw wood made in boards, with no protective layers of lacquer or oil included. It is actually important that once it has been set up, the top layer of the floor is protected with layers of oil or lacquer until it could be walked . Deciding upon an unfinished floor is ideal if you're looking to create an entirely unique flooring. You have the capability to include your own selection of color protective and stain top layers.

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